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Jennifer F. 

I haven't used this product over a long period of time so I cant attest to it actually clearing up acne, but I do have to say it does clean my face really well. Definitely very tingly with a clean after feeling. Not extremely messy, but it is charcoal so be careful. Moisturizer is absolutely necessary after using this wash (I have combination oily/dry skin).

Nikki L. - Charcoal Acne Scrub

I switched to this product about 3 weeks ago and I must say Iam very impressed with it I have noticed the change in my skin texture I had a break out before using this and once I started using this the break outs subsided I use it daily and a little goes a long way the only con is i wish this product were bigger bcuz using it twice a day the product will be gone sooner than expected I have already purchased a second bottle but for the results and price it's worth it in my opinion

Meera G. 

I love this clay facial mask! It has brightened my skin tone and evened it out. Can't wait to see how my skin looks with even longer use. I use the mask 3 times a week .

Anabella R. - Lifesaver

Where do I even start. I have tried a few facial masks this year trying to hunt down the right one. This jar specifically is my 2nd jar, my MIL got me my first one as gift for Christmas. I use it thrice a week and this is the best one I have tried. It goes on nice and smooth and as thick as you want it to be. It is refreshing. My skin is noticeably brighter and clearer the first week of use. It feels great on my face as well. There is no residual oil left behind, my face is clean, clear, and renewed. The directions say to wash your face before applying the mask. This is a lifer to my beauty collection, I feel like it has really made a difference in my skin.

Ria K. - Awesome product

This is one of my favorite. Products for an aging face and products for teenage acne and products just because. I will definitely continue to buy from this website.

Zach M. - 5 star

So far I really like this mask. I have never used anything that I could see
A difference in my skin this fast!

Rosita F. - Neem mask

I really love your lip balm so I figured I would try your face mask. This clay mask is really amazing. I could feel the difference in my skin after one use, not only did my skin feel better but my face looked brighter. I washed my face and applied this mask, after the mask completely dried I got in the shower to wash it off. I really couldn't believe how soft my skin felt after I got out of the shower. I am really impressed and definitely recommend this clay mask if you are wanting soft and smooth skin. Neem helped my skin. 

Randy M. - A+

I bought this because, I constantly get split lip on my lower lip, every year, whether, it is to hot or to cold. I was using the traditional lip balm from the supermarket, which contains alcohol and from what I read it just dries the lips out more and requires application after application with no end in sight. My family and some articles I read online stated that anything, that does not have natural ingredients would not work. After receiving this and using it for, a, week straight, NO MORE SPLIT LIP! Healed, gone and done. Highly recommended, if you have split lip or related issues with your lips or just to keep them hydrated, definite A+ buy.

Andy B. - Smells yummy

I love natural products and was excited to try this lip balm.These are Made in the USA and they smell yummy.